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Friends & Family,

Welcome to our little photo site! Please feel free to browse around to see what we have been up to lately.

We have found that Smugmug is simply the easiest way to share full-resolution photos for browsing, printing or download. Most of the pictures are immediately viewable, however if you run across a protected Gallery, and cannot figure out the clue, please send an e-mail to Scott@Rames.net. You will also find there are fees, to download or print a picture. This charge helps defray the cost of the site, as well as prevents misuse of the photos.

If you are not part of the Lederer-Rames family of friends, you will quickly find that this is in large part a family photo site. Quite likely, very boring... However, I’ve managed to find myself a decent camera, and a job that allows for some travel. Perhaps you will find a Disney photo that reminds you of a magical visit, a particularly good wildlife photo, or just something of interest... If so enjoy, however remember these pictures are not for public reuse or profit without permission.

Thanks & Enjoy,
Scott & Susan Lederer-Rames


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